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APP: Modified bituminous membranes


App waterproofing membranes are the most suitable for flat roofs, basement tanking swiming pools and floorboth in rehabilitation and in a new construction works.They are as easily applied in small as well as large-scale projects. We stock a wide range to cover light duty, heavy duty and other particular situations.ln particular, this system is used as a substitute for ‘asphalt tanking‘ (now obsolete in Europe), as the membranes offer a safer and permanent waterproofing solution even in situations of very damp soil or a high water table.

We also undertake rehabilitation of leaking flat roofs, offering a final solution for very affordable prices.


Stone coated Metalic Roofing Tiles


Suntileroofing products are made of 10 layers of special coating on a base of Galvalume steel.
These tiles come with a 50 year guarantee because the galvalume steel is made up of 55% aluminium and 43.43 zinc which gives galvalume a longer life than other roofing products.

This product is available in many different colours and profiles.


Multilayered corrugated sheets


The sheets structure consists of a thick steel core protected on both sides by a modified bituminous layer, and an external natural or colored aluminum foil.

Manufactured by Ondullt Itallana Spa, these sheets follow the latest European trend to combine extreme durability, resistance to corrosion, noise insulation and heat reflection. Subjected to the most severe internationally recognized tests, Coverib sheets show an incredible performance with durability up to 25 times higher than traditional metal whether pre-painted or galvanized.


High density poleythene membranes(HDPE)


Tefond, a high-density polyethylene membrane is a heavy-duty solution for protection and waterproofing of foundations, basements, walls and floors.The membranes can be applied either vertically or horizontally and in direct contact with the soil. They also have insulating and soundproof qualites.

Tefond system can be used in roads construction allowing substantial savings in the quantity of hardcoreand other substrate materials.

Tegola Canadese

Roofing System


LTogolo Canadese multi-layer bituminous shingles are rot-proof, fungus free, Watertight and fireproof and maintenance free. This type of roofing allows substantial savings in fire and other insurance premiums.

We have installed this avant-garde system in many projects in East Africa and our customers are appreciating a very durable roofing of high aesthetic value. The range of our shingles comprises of seven different products in many exciting colors.

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